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Information Support Systems for Crisis Management


[ 1 ] Wydział Administracji i Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego, Akademia im. Jakuba z Paradyża | [ P ] employee

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[6.3] Security studies

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PL System wsparcia informacyjnego dla systemu zarządzania kryzysowego

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chapter in monograph

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  • Decision support systems Crisis response Social cybernetics

EN The main goal of the research is to determine the level of importance of the IT decision support systems for the efficiency of crisis management processes, and system’s operational continuity. Such detailed research problem determines the specific goals involving: (1) identification of the key processes for the continuity of operation within the system; (2) establishing the relationship between the decision time and system continuity; (3) exposing the methods and means proper for optimizing the decision-making time in crisis management situations. The final development of the research problem required the use of inquiry procedures, prior to analytical involvement, centered on the theory of strategy, as well as on the SWOT techniques, and desk research techniques. Certain primary, as well as derivative propositions of the theory of autonomous systems (TSAs) have been accepted as already defined. The terminological conventions contained within the TSA were also used, along with the derivative concepts significant to the specific rules of defining the theory. The innovative goal of such scrutiny, extending the existing state of scientific knowledge in security research, which is at the same time a praxeological directive, is to show that information processes are the foundation of the system’s autonomy, i.e. maintaining the business continuity. Nonetheless, decision-making time is a key parameter in crisis management. Therefore, streamlining information flow (communication), and shortening the decision-making time, at the level of management and contractor duties, requires the implementation of the IT systems that are able to receive and handle the data in real time.




Reliability and statistics in transportation and communication : selected papers from the 18th International Conference on Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication, RelStat’18, 17–20 October 2018, Riga, Latvia

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